SX-70: Vintage Polaroids

SX-70 1976-1984

Selections from a portfolio of Vintage Polaroid photographs made in New York City, Santa Barbara and Philadelphia.


Some of these images are featured in the artist's monograph, PhotoPlay. 

Images are available for licensing or for sale as fine art prints.

Please contact the studio for print sizes, pricing and availability.

In the age of of the $1K iPhone, virtually anyone can snap a well-composed photograph to share with the social media world.
UNFILTERED is an exhibition of vintage SX70 Polaroid photography art created by Jenny Lynn in the 1970s and 1980s. These photographs do not rely on fancy image stabilization technology, user-friendly photo editing software, or Instagram filters.
The artist's composition and use of light combined with her surrealist aesthetic makes this exhibition a must-see. Amateur and professional photography enthusiasts alike will ask themselves "how did she do that?" using instant Polaroid film.  -Ruben Luna, Workshop Underground