Soliloquy 1974 - 1984

Selections from a portfolio of vintage photographs. Inspired by dreams, memories, and reflections, these "staged" images are an exploration of the relationships between gesture and meaning, object and subject, identity and anonymity.

Jenny Lynn’s work is preternaturally aware of the correspondences, oppositions, echoes and mazes that constitute our sense of visual reality. In the tradition of the Surrealists who’ve so inspired her, however, the occasional rhymes in her photographs are invariably oblique or inexact - the equivalent of slant rhymes in a poem.  Richard Burgin, Author of The Spirit Returns, Ghost Quartet, Fear of Blue Skies, etc., and Editor of Boulevard Magazine, 1999

Some of these images are featured in the artist's monograph, PhotoPlay.

See also Portraits of Women in Selected Exhibitions.

These images are available for licensing or for sale as fine art prints. Please contact the studio for print sizes, pricing and availability.