Mechanical Botanical

Mechanical Botanical 2009 - ongoing.

Selections from a portfolio of cameraless images, similar to photograms, made from direct scans of small objects, both natural and man-made. By altering the color and enlarging the images, the elegant and mysterious patterns and designs inherent in each object -- whether a snail shell, a butterfly, or the inner workings of a pocket watch -- can be seen and appreciated. In addition, familiar objects are transformed, taking on a somewhat surreal, otherworldly quality.

Single-object images can be shown individually, or arranged in small and large-scale compositions. 

Torso, etc. was included in Victory for Tyler, an Alumni exhibition juried by Robert Storr, and ahown at the Crane Arts Center in Philadelphia. See also Selected Exhibitions.

These images are available for licensing, or for sale as fine art prints. Please contace the studio for print sizes, pricing, and availability. 

See also Mechanical Botanical in Public Art portfolio.